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Tax Services

Let's face it; April 15th happens every year - why not have a tax professional on your side this year?

I offers a wide variety of affordable tax preparation services designed to fit your needs. I offer over forty years of professional tax experience in individual, trust, estate, and charitable organization taxation.

As your tax professional, I will:

  • Spend time with you to ensure that I understand your unique situation as i review your tax return data.
  • Do everything I can to save you money on your taxes.
  • i offer a "no-obligation" review of your 2016, 2017 and 2018 Form 1040 to ensure that you've taken all available deductions and credits.
  • I will look for ways for you to save money in the future on your taxes.
  • I will make sure you completely understand your current tax situation before your return is filed.
  • I will Communicate with you throughout the year of important tax law changes and how the change may affect your unique situation.
  • I am available throughout the year to answer the tax questions you may have.

The benefits of engaging Clark Financial Services as your tax preparation professional are:

1.   Convenience - Your tax return is prepared according to your schedule. Saturday and evening appointments are available.

2.   Enrolled Agent - I am an IRS Enrolled Agent with over 40 years of tax preparation experience. I am committed to keeping current on tax law changes through continuing education. And, as a further benefit, I am supported by a unique network of tax preparation professionals with expertise in all areas of taxation.

3.   Service - I promise to answer your questions promptly and work with you to uncover all of the deductions and credits available to you.

4.   Affordable - My tax preparation fees are competitive and I will gladly provide an estimate of the fee before I prepare your return.

The bottom line analysis is that I offer you a fast, friendly, and affordable tax preparation solution.


Individual Tax Preparation Services

  • Form 1040 Individual income tax return, including all required state individual income tax returns
  • Free electronic filing
  • Individual income tax planning

Trust & Estate Income Tax Preparation Services

  • Form 1041; Trust and Estate fiduciary income tax return, including all required state fiduciary income tax returns
  • Form 706; Federal estate tax return
  • Form 709; Federal gift tax return
  • Form 990, 990EZ and 990N; Return for Exempt Organizations
  • Form 990PF; Return for Private Foundations