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Tax Services

I specialize in individual (Form 1040), trust and estate income tax (Form 1041) and Gift Tax (Form 709) return preparation.

I bring over forty-five years of income tax planning and preparation experience to work with you to employ strategies that will help you retain assets, minimize tax liability and encourage investment in your retirement as a part of an effective tax plan. 

Call, email or click here to schedule a time to meet. 

A tax organizer will be sent to you to guide you through the information needed prepare your tax return.

Your information can be uploaded securely through our portal using the guest exchange or an unique login can be created for you.

If you require business return preparation such as LLCs, S-Corporations and partnerships, I've partnered with Ashton D. Melchert, CPA of Kathryn Humecki and Associates, Ltd.

I will ensure your financial and investment decisions are made considering the tax impact of those decisions.