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Year End Planning Ideas

Year End Planning Ideas

September 29, 2022

There are only three months left in 2022, here are some year-end planning ideas for you to consider.


  1. Review your federal income tax withholding. There is still time to adjust the withholding on you or your spouse's paycheck.
  2. Take advantage of a Roth Conversion while the income tax rates are still low by converting your Traditional IRA to a Roth.
  3. If you're age 70 1/2 or older, consider making a Qualified Charitable Distribution from your IRA directly to a charity. Qualified Charitable Distributions from an IRA will directly reduce your taxable income.
  4. Take your 2022 Required Minimum Distribution (RMD) if you're 72 or older. If you are a beneficiary of an Inherited IRA or Inherited Roth IRA, you may be subject to the RMD based on the new IRS rules.
  5. Review the beneficiaries on your IRA/Roth IRA accounts and insurance policies. This should be done annually.


Email me at to discuss any of the above year end planning considerations.